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The Lifetime Cloud Mining contract at was suspended

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On this occasion we will review about , with the title of the article "The Lifetime Cloud Mining contract at was suspended".

Panduan Bitcoin dan Cryptocurrency
One Cloud Mining  Cloud Mining with mining contracts Lifetime paused for a while, because the removal of their mining tools from china, and it takes about half the normal monthly to run as usual. This is a temporary cessation, do not panic.
Cloud Mining Contract Lifetime (Lifetime) Paused While Cloud Mining One World - Cloud Mining
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The following information from the site admins get cloud mining :

Cloud Mining Lifetime (Lifetime) in

Lifetime contracts Paused, Full Refund Available

Because regulations in China about Bitcoin mining, we move our mining equipment outside China. Unfortunately, this means we have to suspend all contract mining lifetime until transition is complete .

  Only a lifetime contract are affected. Other contracts, such as mining contract 1 year or 6 months, were in the United States so it is not affected.
You have 2 options now:
  1. Receive a refund of 100% of the initial cost you USD (paid BCH at current exchange rates). Your contract will expire if you choose a refund.
  2. Pause your contract of 18 January to around 30 April while we move our hardware to the data center outside China.
Refunds are available now, and can be requested up to the level of our hash back online.
To receive your full refund, please go to the page that you purchase contract, contract-click, and then click the "Refund" to complete the process. 

If you choose your contract to be paused until we hash level back online, no action is required.
We thank you for your patience and understanding. Source:

What is your opinion ?

By admin own loss if we refund for mining contracts in lifetime, why? Because mining contract goes on forever, and the results of mining as well as more than a cloud-cloud Other mining and withdraw and deposit process goes quickly. Give your opinion in the comments :)
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